Monday, October 03, 2005

Returned from the Microsoft MVP Summit

Well, I have meet a lot of great folks up at Microsoft that develop the networking stuff. Wireless, TCP/IP stack, IPSec, IPv6, QoS, http.sys, you name it, if it involved networking I heard about it. I have to say that Joseph Davies better known as "The Cable Guy" was great fun to chat with and I was very excited about the new IPv6 changes Microsoft is doing. I don't think folks realize how big a deal this is going to be when it comes out. I am in the middle of writing an article about it and hope to put up some more details here shortly about some of the changes that will impact folks deploying and using Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server.
Many thanks to the Microsofties Susan Moran, Eddy Malik, and Joseph Davis for the warm welcome. It was also very nice catching up and meeting Laura Hunter, Mike Giorgio, Ed Roberts, Susan Bradley, Oliver Nguyen, Denis Jedig, Deji Akomolafe, Les Pinter and countless others who are MVP's and made the event memorable for me.
- Ed

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