Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cisco 871W Router

I have now been using the 871W router for several months. I picked one up to do lab work for IPv6, routing and the VMware hands on class I have been doing for Pacific IT Professionals.
I am VERY impressed with these routers. I can run EIGRP, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP, IPv6, OSPFv3, 6to4, DMVPN, CBAC and wireless all on one device. I am amazed at the diversity of what the product can do and how quiet it is since it has no internal fan. I think it really is the perfect remote home office router. If they made it POE by default it would be a perfect product, IMHO.
Just wanted to give my thumbs up for this great router!
- Ed

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is there a better way to move your environment around?

With a new job comes new hardware (laptop), new network and new policies. I have had little issue with the new network and policies but the new hardware is killing me. The amount of time it takes to get your desktop environment useable again is staggering (I am estimating 48+ hours). I am wondering if I am better off running P2V on my current machine and from here on out only running inside a VM!

I know it sounds silly but that way, regardless of hardware upgrades I might see soon I would not have to do any rebuilding of my desktop environment. Perhaps I have to many applications I use for work but I don't think I am that unusual.
- Ed

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Job - Starting with Peak IP Solutions

I'm pretty excited as I am starting at my new company, Peak IP Solutions today. After 6.5 years at j2 Global Communications it will be interesting doing consulting, design and installation work for companies here in my backyard. Peak IP specializes in Cisco Telephony, specifically Cisco Call Manager and Unity installations. I'm excited to start working on those platforms.
- Ed

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What products would you use for network management?

And in network management I mean true network elements (not servers). Besides the pure Cisco shops that run CiscoWorks (because they HAVE to) I have typically seen Kiwi Cattools (I use it myself - great product) and Solarwinds. I know there are other options out there like's DeviceExpert but I honestly have not run into a lot of folks who have run anything else except CiscoWorks, Cattools and Solarwinds. It sounds funny but I think there is a ceiling when it comes to what folks are willing to use.
I mean honestly, how many tftp servers do you use or are willing to try? If you have Solarwinds you are using that one, otherwise it is Pumpkin or the really old free Cisco one (which has serious limitations - what are you thinking?). Granted there is WinAgent and tftpd32 out there but I would make a guess that most folks are using Pumpkin or Solarwinds.
It is just interesting how that works...
- Ed

NetScout User Forum - 5th Annual User Conference

The 5th annual NetScout User Forum User Conference (is it just me who finds that name ackward?) will be in October (3rd-5th) in Las Vegas and they have registration open now. The timing doesn't work for me this year but it would be cooling seeing what other folks are doing with the product.
- Ed