Saturday, December 30, 2006

The new year...

I just finished off reading the new Network World articles on the most powerful people and companies. Has anyone else noticed that the list really hasn't changed that much over time. I think a list of most innovative people / companies would change more frequently and be more interesting. Its nice to have a ranking of who is who but everything they are rating on is not grounded in facts and they do little to nothing to tell you how they picked the individuals.

Hope everyone has a great new year, 2007 is upon us, year of the boar too.

- Ed

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Side thought - not tech related

Well, I realized the other day that my 20 year for graduating from Gunn High School will be next year (2007). My older daughter will graduate from HS in 2009, I am feeling a bit old.
The only cool thing about all that is assuming our class actually gets a 20 year event together then I will get to see and hear what everyone is up to now and to toast those no longer with us. A bit off topic so sorry to those who read for the technical stuff. ;-)
- Ed

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Slacking and Upcoming Cisco events

I haven't posted as of late mainly because there hasn't been that much interesting coming out of the networking industry. Perhaps that is due to the holiday slowdown. I don't really like talking about consumer stuff as there are a ton of folks out there doing that.
Next week will be the Cisco Partner SE VT events around the bay area so that should be cool. All Unified Communications products will be the focus. I've been learning a ton about the Cisco product line and I have to admit they are doing some very cool stuff. I am also very impressed with what I have heard about the ACE. I will post some more notes about that once I have gotten some good hands on time with it (hopefully very soon).
- Ed