Monday, October 04, 2021

Kentik - Get Observability and Monitoring Under Control

 Kentik presented at Networking Field Day 26 on Sept 15, 2021 and I think Kentik is on the right journey around doing observability and monitoring for enterprise networks. They understand they have to support all the traditional capabilities within networks but they also need to have full support and capabilities for public cloud services. I was very interested in what they are doing with Kentik Firehose which aggregates message bus/queue, observability, real-time analytics and data lake sources and provides telemetry and context. This seems like a super useful tool for companies who have a wide variety of cloud and other systems generating data. Check out Avi Feedman's presentation, it is worth listening to their strategy and how they want to address these issues that almost all companies are going to be facing.

They had a pretty impressive list of new features and capabilities. I think their focus on cloud to on-premises integration is going to be critical.

Kentik also showed off what they are doing for Observability for Cloud Networkers. This is an extremely hard space right now. Each public cloud provider does networking and the associated logging, telemetry and observability data differently. So it is a major pain to integrate it and have some sort of end to end solution that actually helps you determine what the problem or problems actually are so I think they are on to something.

For now, Kentik is a company to keep an eye on and see if their innovate in the right areas to address customers needs. It sure looks like they are heading in the right direction and I think they have a useful product that helps replace a lot of legacy logging and monitoring solutions we have typically deployed in the past with something more modern and extensible.

You can also check out Dr. Peter Welcher's LinkedIn post about Kentik. A.J. Murray and Tim Bertino did an Art of Network Engineering podcast about NFD26.

- Ed

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