Wednesday, December 27, 2017

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate for another 2 years

I recently had to crash study for the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Recertification Exam. I had originally passed in Dec of 2015 and of course I waited until the last possible moment to study and take the recert exam. I was lucky enough to pass and be in good standing for another two years. It did get me thinking that perhaps I should take one or two other AWS certification exams just for fun. I am considering the SysOps or perhaps the Adv. Networking Specialist. I will recommend for those interested in studying to use a few study resources. Specifically, Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru. Both have great content and between the two you should be pretty well covered.

What other certs are folks considering for 2018? I have a running list that includes Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat and a few other misc. ones.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you keep on track with your studies.
- Ed

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving - Slow year for content

It seems content for goes in waves. I have been pretty active over at the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence site with my friends Tom Coffeen and Scott Hogg. I would suggest check out those IPv6 posts, both because they are good content, but also because they are coming out very regularly.
I might shift gears with this site for a little bit and post more things of interest in the technology space. I know the site needs a refreshed look but I have been lacking the motivation to make that all happen. I imagine it will happen sometime in 2018 but I'm not sure when.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am off to AWS re:Invent for a week and then on to London for the UK IPv6 Council annual meeting to do a presentation on IPv6.
- Ed

Friday, May 05, 2017

InteropITX - What's Next for Cloud Computing

Once again I will be at Interop - now called Interop ITX but this time instead of talking about IPv6 (a favorite topic but not my only one!) I will be moderating a panel on Cloud. Pretty excited to be doing this as an Interop ITX advisory member. The goal of the panel is to help the audience navigate what is going on and how it might impact them. From the session description:

"Cloud computing is an undeniable force that has become a given in most modern-day IT departments. Despite already high levels of adoption, the technology has the potential to change how organizations, providers, and users consume and manage technology even further. What is the next phase of cloud, and how will it change to support the important technology advances on the horizon? In turn, what advances will this new model of IT make possible? A panel of experts explores where cloud is going and the effects it will have on enterprise technology. Ed Horley moderates."

The session information:

So come join me and countless other great speakers, sponsors and attendees in Las Vegas!
- Ed