Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Windows 7 - cool new tool for IT Pros

I am finally getting around to posting about a cool new tool in Windows 7, it's called Problem Step Recorder. Just pull up a command window and type psr or execute it from the run option on the start menu.
It will not replace a remote desktop solution for help desk support people but I can see this as being very useful for remote works who can't get a system working properly or can't describe what the problem is accurately - which is about 70% of the problem in most cases.
I am also completely set to head up to Redmond for the Microsoft MVP Summit. Looking forward to hearing all about Direct Access, changes in the Advanced Firewall in Windows 7 and other cool networking changes.
- Ed

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Microsoft MVP Summit

I finally got around to booking the Summit, Hotel and Airfare. I am trying to get into the sessions for Networking items but I am not holding my breath at all. I might have to find them while I am actually there. Looking forward to March 1-4 to enjoy some quality Microsoft technical time.
- Ed

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cisco Nexus 2000 Series is orderable

The Nexus 2000 is now orderable so Cisco DC vision is just about complete. When the Nexus 1000v is final than Cisco's vision for the data center will be a full leap ahead of everyone else in the industry. They will have a full product line that can bridge the gap between today's data center needs and support what your data center will look like for several years to come.
The remarkable thing is that Cisco pulled this off in 1 yr. The release of the Nexus 7000 was just over 1 yr ago and while definately early out of the gate it is remarkable the amount of engineering and resources that have gone into building out this new data center vision. Cisco is back in their element - everyone else better look out because the 800 gorrilla is on a rampage!
- Ed

Windows 7 experience - or lack of

I downloaded Windows 7 beta when it was made available to Microsoft MVP's. I need to still get it loaded up and working since the two times I tried to load it as a VM it failed horribly. I've gotten to play with some colleagues Windows 7 machines and I must admit they have gotten it working much faster then Vista. I think we will see Microsoft roll out Windows 7 by June or July, they got so little traction with Vista it just makes sense to get 7 out the door asap and then rollout a fast release patch after that.