Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Linksys releases a new wireless Skype enabled handset - CIT200

Linksys of all the SOHO hardware vendors gets it. They just released the CIT200 and this seems to be what a lot of Skype users have wanted. An easy way to step away from their computers but continue to use their Skype services. Brilliant. Hopefully the initial price point will come down a bit (starting at $130 or so) so that us average folks will seriously consider it. I wonder what hacks are going to come out for this! Cisco has done a pretty good job allowing Linksys to innovate separately and at the cutting edge, kudos to Cisco for that.
- Ed

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Anonymous said...

I bought this just recently assuming SOMEONE hacked a driver for this thing... but apparently not. This would be nice to use with X-Lite or some other VOIP softphone as a windows sound device. No dice.