Wednesday, November 24, 2010

California IPv6 Task Force Update

I have been working with some colleagues to get a few items moving along for the California IPv6 Task Force. The primary one has been to get the website a bit more 2010-11 in look and feel. We will be porting it to a WordPress site and we hope to have the North American IPv6 Task Force site ported over and hosted in the same way. Both will be at Hurricane Electric and available via IPv6. Our goal really is to make the site a jump site with current content and links for folks to get started on IPv6. So the first shout out goes to Jared Curtis for making this part a reality.

In addition to that goal, we are going to be starting to get some IPv6 labs up online and will be looking for individuals to help put together short technical white papers. The materials will be made available via the website and hopefully people who are trying to make the transition to IPv6 will find it useful.

On top of that, we will soon have the mailing list server up and operational. Once that is done it will be a bit easier to get some events happening throughout California. If you are interested in helping at all please don't be shy and drop me an email at ed AT cav6tf DOT org. I'll be happy to get you in the loop on what we are working on and a potential project you can do.
- Ed