Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Interop - Las Vegas - How to Get Up and Running With IPv6 -- Without Destroying Your IPv4 Network!

I have been building out the content for my workshop at Interop in Las Vegas at the end of April and I am pretty excited about what I get to cover for folks attending. I will be doing a workshop titled "How to Get Up and Running With IPv6 -- Without Destroying Your IPv4 Network!" and (no surprise) it is how to really start using IPv6. I encourage you to sign up for my workshop and for Interop, it is a great show and the individuals presenting and running the event are really unique industry insiders. You can get a registration discount of 25% by using SPEAKERVIP! when registering for the event. You have until Friday, April 25th to use that code, after that you pay full price! My workshop is on Monday, April 27th from 1 to 4:30PM followed by a small reception.

To give you a taste, here are some of the items I will cover:
The Big Picture - You need an IPv6 Plan
 Assessment, Training, Planning and Design, Proof of Concept, Deployment

Worksheets for the following:
 Fundamentals, Addressing, Prefix, DHCPv6, DNS, Happy Eyeballs, Mobile and Cloud

Additional overview worksheets on:
Technical and Operational Worksheet
Planning and Design Worksheet

Also, review of key design differences between IPv6 and IPv4 covering things like:
Network address planning
Where is my NAT?
Protocol translation - transition technologies

Finally, wrap up with some demos and a limited lab (due to resource constraints)

And my Interop abstract (so you know what is published) is:
The most common IPv6 deployment is in conjunction with an existing IPv4 network. However, knowing the operational differences between IPv4 and IPv6 can be difficult, and understanding how hosts on your network will behave can be an even bigger challenge.

This workshop focuses on getting IPv6 up and working on an existing IPv4 network, including how to understand what you've deployed and how to use some common tools with IPv6. We'll look at typical frustrations such as setting the right IPv6 Router Advertisement flags, DHCPv6 settings, how ICMPv6 will impact your IPv6 deployment, and much more!

Attendees will:
  • Learn how to set up and configure IPv6
  • Determine the best operational settings for IPv6
  • Look into common dual-stack challenges
  • Review common tools to understand how IPv6 affects OS behavior

Who should attend:
  • Network, security, storage, system and virtualization administrators, architects and designers who run and maintain IPv4 infrastructure and are looking to add IPv6. Also, those looking to build labs, proof of concepts or smaller deployments with IPv6.

I look forward to seeing you at Interop, please don't be shy to come up and introduce yourself to me if you see me at the event. Also, I am more than happy to sign copies of my book if you happen to have it with you. I will have a few I will be giving away during my workshop too!
- Ed

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RunAs Radio Show 411 - IPv6 in 2014

I was lucky enough to talk with Richard Campbell about IPv6 and how things had gone in 2014. We chat about a variety of things related to IPv6 and it is always and honor and great fun to be on RunAs Radio. Check out the show yourself at the RunAs Radio website.
- Ed