Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gave an IPv6 presentation today to the WMNTUG - West Michigan NT User's Group

WMNTUG - West Michigan NT User's Group was kind enough to invite me to do a presentation on IPv6 in Windows Vista (Thanks Liam!). I was using Skype to do the voice part and I was using GoToMeeting for the presentation of the slide deck. GoToMeeting is a Citrix product and very cool, Mike Pennacchi turned me on to it, so far I am sold. I also managed to have a colleague (Hey Mark!) who wanted to sit in join the Skype call and join the GoToMeeting session and was able to see everything that the Michigan User's Group got to see. This is some very cool stuff and I can see how doing remote labs, trainings and demos would be just awesome.
- Ed

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