Monday, March 10, 2008

Cisco's new ASR series

Cisco seems to be on a product roll out marathon. The announced the new ASR product line and it is using a new processor and looks to be a powerful platform. That being said - I don't think it is the best looking product line that Cisco has released. Especially when it is compared to the Nexus 7000. I don't know why Cisco doesn't have a uniform look and feel to their product lines, you would think that spending five years and $250 million developing it they could hire a decent industrial designer to hammer out something that looks cool.
Other then the superficial the specs on the stuff look great. I can't wait to get my hands on one to play with.
- Ed

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Microsoft Server 2008 Launch event is San Francisco

I am signed up for the Microsoft Server 2008 Launch event in San Francisco on March 13 at the Moscone Center and I hope it is a cool event for everyone involved. I know a lot of folks from the Pacific IT Professionals Users Group will be at the event and I am sure I will run into some fellow Microsoft MVP's at the event also. I am excited about the work and changes Microsoft has done with Server 2008. I believe I will be helping out in some capacity at the event but I am not sure how yet. I will post how shortly so in case you are at the event you can look me up.
- Ed

Fun new toy #2 - Mini Cooper

Well, the second toy cost a lot more and neither are really technical in nature but I have to say the new Mini Cooper that we picked up last Thursday after waiting since Dec is very cool. The obvious advantages of better gas mileage and such are great but the car is just fun to drive and very cool looking. I definitely won't be hauling around as much Cisco hardware as in the past but that is ok, seems we get most of the gear drop shipped to clients now directly from the distributor.
- Ed

Ok, here are some photos. They are fat big ones that I am to lazy to shrink down to be web friendly.

What my wife gave me for xmas.


Good enough? - Ed

Fun new toy #1 - Skullcandy Proletariat

I will be traveling to Ireland at the end of this month and will be wanting to avoid hours of airplane engine noise plus actually listen to some music here and there. I did some looking around for new headphones for the trip and wanted some that did noise canceling but didn't cost a fortune like the Bose seem to. I finally ended up picking up some Skullcandy Proletariat headphones. They seem to work pretty well, work off of two AAA batteries and are only $100.
- Ed