Saturday, November 11, 2006

Motorola is smart to pick up Good Technology

So, the real question should be... what was Palm thinking?!? Why did they let Motorola step in and allow them to own the major enterprise connector for their Palm Treo 650's? And I find it odd that Motorola with the Q even bothered since it can use Active Sync and the direct push technology from Microsoft.
Well, we will see how it all plays out. Maybe Motorola will buy Palm next!
- Ed

Just got back from presenting at Windows Connections Conference

After a crazy travel schedule and spending less then 24 hours to and back from Las Vegas I am happy to report that the presentation I did with Doug Spindler at the Windows Connections Conference went really well. We presenting on all the new things in Windows Vista regarding networking. We showed off all the new improvements in the network stack, how IPv6 will be impacting you, regardless of if you want to run it or not, and why Vista is going to require IT Pros develop a whole new toolkit.
It was fun interacting with all the folks and going over netsh, the new advanced firewall and all the new stuff in QoS. I also got to go over the Cisco configurations that were required to enable 6to4, native IPv6 and the associated routing protocols.
I believe our slide decks will get posted up at the Windows Connections Conference website but they will also be available at the Pacific IT Professionals site.
- Ed