Friday, October 14, 2011

Network World article - Who's who in IPv6

My article for Network World on Who's who in IPv6 was published a few days ago. It requires registration on their site but I hope you live through that to take a read. I might later be able to repost the full article on my blog but for now the only access is via Network World.

I am very much interested in feedback of who you felt I left off the list. I have some caveats, I was not able to do a who's who for service provider manufactures, professional services consulting, training/education, OS's/applications and security solutions. There just wasn't enough room. Perhaps I will get the chance to do that in another article.
- Ed

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CAv6TF and gogoNETLive!2 IPv6 Conference - Nov 1-3

Nov 1-3 the gogoNETLive!2 IPv6 Conference will be happening at San Jose State University. The line up of speakers is excellent and there will be a day of hands on practical labs to learn IPv6. To get in on the labs you should sign up right away, it is first come first served. To register for the event visit the registration page. You can hit me up on twitter (@ehorley) to get a discount code.

This event is the only dedicated IPv6 focused conference that happens in California and the CAv6TF is hoping that folks take advantage of the opportunity to learn about IPv6.
- Ed

Monday, October 03, 2011

Microsoft Private Cloud

Every hardware and software manufacture has a different definition and thoughts around cloud, both public and private. Few are big enough to have impact on the industry in any meaningful way. Some who do that come to mind are Cisco, Amazon, Apple, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.

On Tuesday evening (Oct 4th) at the monthly PacITPros event in San Francisco Chris Henley (@chrisjhenley) with Microsoft will be presenting on Microsoft's approach to private cloud. If you are interested at all in what Microsoft is doing, what direction and strategy they are utilizing and how it will impact you then this is a presentation not to miss. Chris is a great speaker and is honest and open about what he can share. The great thing about Chris is that he and his teammates (IT Pro Evangelist in the Developer Platform Evangelist group) all do practical hands on projects and labs with the OS and help in developing solutions that make sense for IT Pros.

So if you haven't RSVP'ed for the monthly San Francisco meeting go do it now, you get free pizza and a chance to hear first hand how Microsoft will be approaching private cloud, what more could you ask for?
- Ed