Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I'll be at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018 and Future:net

I am pleased I get to spend a few more cycles with my friends and colleagues by participating at the Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2018 on Weds August 29th. So far, Blue Medora and NetScout are confirmed and it looks like we might have another presentation, it is listed as secret company right now. Should be good fun. Not sure if this will be live streamed or not, I think it will depend on the wifi dependability but check out the website for more details. They will also be covering other companies on Monday and Tuesday so there should be a lot of content on those days too.

In addition to the Tech Field Day event, I will also be at the Future:net event on Thursday, August 30th. This has been an excellent event in the past and I look forward to hearing more interesting info on what is cool or fun in networking today. It is worth skimming the website to see what will be presented. Unfortunately this is an invite only event and if you haven't gotten an invite by now you might not get in at all. They do have the content from past years posted if the speakers gave permission.

If you will be at either event I would love to connect. You can reach me via twitter.
- Ed

Friday, August 10, 2018

New job, new podcast, new focus...

It has been an interesting year for me and I'm excited to say I have decided to strike out on my own with some good friends and colleagues to start HexaBuild. We are focusing on advancing cloud, IoT and security with IPv6. The transition for IPv6 is well on it's way for service providers, residential providers, content and media distribution networks, and mobile operators. So, today in the US you can be using services that are all IPv6 enabled everywhere except at your office. Because enterprises have lagged so far behind in addressing the IPv6 adoption story they are now handicapped in participating in the whole Internet. HexaBuild is all about addressing those needs. We do that through training, consulting, education and enablement. Because we are consulting company, we are happy to work with resellers, distributors, manufactures and Fortune 1000 companies to help them get their IPv6 adoption strategy going.

Second bit of news is I am now co-hosting a regular podcast called The IPv6 Buzz on the PacketPushers. If you are interested in being a guest please reach out. It is just something fun to do and we have some fantastic IPv6 guests lined up. Use your favorite podcasting app and grab it, we are currently in the Community Channel w/ PacketPushers but they will be moving us out on our own shortly!

Finally, focus. After spending two years running an engineering team and worrying about the company, sales, team and careers of everyone else I get to focus on what I love again. I really enjoy talking tech with colleagues and friends, I have fun working and building stuff with IPv6 and finally I get to do a bit of travel. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome working with the engineering team at Groupware but it was time for a change and I get to see how my change in focus will work out. Oh, yes, I get to read more too! I will update that book list here shortly.
- Ed