Monday, October 24, 2005

New Cisco NAC available

Cisco has released the next version of NAC (Network Admission Control) that is now fully supported in the Catalyst switches and the Aironet wireless gear. NAC is part of Cisco Clean Access product line and they seem to be making good progress.
In the other camp, Microsoft is promoting their product, Network Access Protection or NAP. Microsoft is not pitching this as a security solution as much as a management solution. They are doing some really exciting things that will allow a Windows Vista client to use machine credentials, health credentials (from NAP) and Kerberos credentials from user login to build out an IPSec session to the Domain Controller. Very interesting stuff.
I was also told to expect a join announcement from both Microsoft and Cisco about how their platforms will work together some time soon. It will be interesting seeing how they are going to get the platforms working together.
- Ed

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