Friday, February 23, 2007

Cisco CME DST change

For all those folks running Cisco CallManager Express your life is relatively easy to do the Daylight Saving Time correction required. All you have to do on your router is:
clock summer-time PDT recurring 2 sun mar 02:00 1 sun nov 02:00

of course, this is assuming you are on Pacific Standard Time and you already have configured:
clock timezone PST -8

It is useful if you are using a public NTP site (with permission) to get UTC so you have an accurate time source. Take a look at:
It is a list of NTP servers that are stratum 2 and it lists the acceptable use requirements also.

Oh, if you have newer IOS releases don't be surprised to see the command revert back to:
clock summer-time PDT recurring
Seems that Cisco made the adjustment in 12.4(9)T or so - you can get the details at cisco's website