Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My presentation from the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit

My presentation given at the Rocky Mountain 2011 IPv6 Summit is available here. The presentation title is Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network and the abstract for the presentation is below:
Level: 100/200
Abstract: The presentation is focused on the basic deployment items that system and network administrators need to pay attention to for Enterprises networks that are primarily Microsoft focused.
Topics covered include default IPv6 behavior of different Windows OS's, when transition technologies are enabled, what Microsoft products will use IPv6 and deployment guide modifications for Exchange, DirectAccess, Forefront UAG and TMG.
In addition, if time allows, some design challenges around DHCP and DNS and how Windows 7 will behave vs Apple OSX or Linux implementations.

Feel free to provide feedback or corrections - please note I use the notes field for a lot of reference items so please look through those for details.

Also, if you are interested check out Sam Bowne's YouTube video about the IPv6 RA Flood DOS issue for Windows7 and Server 2008R2 and please see his site too for additional IPv6 info and presentations.
- Ed

Friday, April 22, 2011

Presenting at the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit - Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network

Next week I will be presenting at the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit in Denver, CO. I'm excited about this for two reasons. First, I will be talking about IPv6 which for folks who know me is something I can't seem to not bring up in technical discussions. Second, I will get to see my daughter Briana while I am in town as she is attending CU Boulder.

If you are attending the event I hope to see you in the enterprise track. I will be presenting Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network. After my presentation will be William Dixon with Microsoft doing a live demo of Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 DirectAccess. Earlier in the day will be Shannon McFarland with Cisco presenting Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Overview, that should be really good. I must admit I am disappointed that Scott Hogg will not be presenting on IPv6 Security. Scott has a huge depth of knowledge and is the chair of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force. Maybe I can twist his arm to do side session during the lunch break one of the days.

I will post up my presentation after the event, it will also be up on the RMv6TF website to download too.
- Ed

Monday, April 11, 2011

One week into a new job

For those that may not have heard I recently changed jobs and have a new employer. I'm excited to be working with several engineering friends whom I have know for a couple of years at my new job and looking forward to some additional roles I will be playing.

I also hope to make a few more conferences, user group meetings and trade shows to talk about IPv6 and the impact it will have on enterprises in the near future and what sort of planning and design work they should be engaged with to reduce the disruption that could potentially happen with an unplanned hurried roll out of IPv6.

Overall, I am excited about the year and projects ahead and hope to get a few posts up about IPv6 experiences I can share to help the community. I will post my presentation deck for the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force IPv6 Summit after the event on April 25-27th, I will be presenting "Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network"
- Ed