Monday, July 16, 2007

Apple iPhone update

It appears I am not alone in my feeling regarding the Apple iPhone. Check out this article over at the Register. I think it says a lot about some of the difference between those that are using it from a consumer level and those that look at things from a business utility point of view. Like I said before - they are nuts to think EDGE would be a good solution for this device.
So - who else has returned their iPhone? Anyone else frustrated with the hardware limitation? This $500+ phone has no extended battery option, no option to replace the battery yourself at all for that matter, limited headset compatibility due to a design flaw, no option to expand the storage with Micro SD or any other cheap and available storage, and the list goes on and on.
Honestly, am I super happy with my Windows Mobile 5 phone? - no. Do I think the hardware vendors have a log way to go? - yes.
That being said, at least I have some options when it comes to my current phone. I am still bitter at Verizon and CDMA in general for not doing the smart thing and using sim-cards like all the GSM phones do. It slows the release of handsets for both Verizon and Sprint plus it limits the option for upgrading the phone quickly (like not having to call customer service.)
- Ed

Update (again): Well, it appears that the iPhone isn't enterprise network ready either. Here is an interesting article at Network World about the iPhone killing the Duke University wireless network. Hope Apple can fix this issue before it starts plaguing us all. Plus, the review over at The Gadgeteer makes a good point. The iPhone is a feature phone, not a smart phone, seems to be the case from what I am reading.

Update July 30,2007 (again...): There have been corrections to the iPhone on Duke's network, I've been lazy and not posted them, which isn't too fair. Michael Swan has the link posted in the comments on this entry. At least Cisco fixed their issue, but it still makes me wonder what else awaits us with the iPhone. I've seen some reviews that say the performance on edge is very good and others that seem very disappointed with it. Honestly, I am not willing to part ways with $500 to find out for myself.
- Ed

Sunday, July 01, 2007

MVP status

Well, it seems that I have been renewed for another year as a Microsoft MVP. I honestly didn't know what to expect this year as so many of the MVP's I do know didn't get renewed. Thanks to PacITPros (SFNTUG, TVNUG and EBCUG). Without them I would not qualify at all so a big shout out to all those who are members of those user groups.
- Ed