Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick update on Microsoft Teredo

I got my chance to meet with Joe Davies (CableGuy) with Microsoft yesterday and outline my items regarding Teredo. He is going to follow up with Sean Siler and others regarding the behavior of Teredo, the ability to manage Teredo and what exactly is collected (if anything) at

So, as soon as I hear back from Joe and Sean I will put up a post (assuming it isn't NDA) and hopefully clear up some of these items.

I also had a bunch of questions regarding ISATAP and what Microsoft has for a roadmap in terms of support and deployment around ISATAP. I've expressed my distaste for ISATAP due to the lack of management tools for it to determine where issues are within your network. That being said, I asked specifically for a written policy and guide around ISATAP so hopefully we will get something!
- Ed

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