Monday, February 08, 2010

Pacific IT Professionals - Microsoft SIR and Terminal Services presentations

I got to present at the last Pacific IT Professionals meeting at Microsoft's office in San Francisco about network edge filters. The presentation was a summary of my Bogon blog post plus using the RFC's for network edge filtering so nothing new. The slide deck was mainly a single diagram to have a talking point to generate discussion. You can get the deck here at the PacITPros website.

It was nice to present but there were two excellent presentations worth mentioning that happened at the same meeting. The first was from Joanie Rhine with Microsoft regarding Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report (SIR) and an overview of it's results, the presentation is available on the PacITPros website here.

The second was a Terminal Services presentation by Jennelle Crothers that is really good, talks about replacing Citrix with a simple Microsoft only solution and some of the challenges and differences there are between the two. You can find that presentation at the PacITPros website also, here.

Sorry for the delay on the blog post about the meeting, I managed to get a horrible cold that knocked me out for a few days. Put a damper on updating the site.
- Ed

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