Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update your IPv4 Bogon list

Everyone should update their IPv4 bogon lists a bit faster now that we are below 10% of IPv4 addresses left and it seems that IANA is handing them out faster to force folks to update their lists a bit quicker and I imagine to put pressure downstream for the adoption of IPv6.

January 2010 the following IP blocks were allocated to APNIC: 1/8 and 27/8. This one has some significance because a lot of network engineers in labs or to test something use or or some other variation within 1/8 or 2/8. Neither should be used now due to the new APNIC allocation and also because in September of 2009 2/8 and 46/8 were allocated to RIPE and should have been removed from your bogon list!

In addition, the IETF obsoleted RFC 3330 with RFC 5735 and as a result the following IP blocks have been reserved for documentation purposes: and That means they should be added to your bogon list.

If you don't like search around and keeping this stuff up to date yourself the best resource out there is The Team Cymru Bogon List. This list is kept up to date and is super useful as it provides the list in all sorts of useful formats. Highly recommended.
- Ed

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