Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cisco ASA 8.2.1(11) and 8.0.5 comments

I've been running the ASA 8.2.1(11) code on several platforms for a couple of months now and have run into a few problems with it now, primarily site to site VPN issues. Seems that 8.2.1 is slightly better for some of those items (some cosmetic and some outright bugs), I am hoping a new code release comes out soon as the 8.2.1 release has some AnyConnect Client VPN issues with long split tunnel lists that are problematic.

Also, a new 8.0.5ED release came out in Nov for those that are staying on the 8.0 train. Given how stable 8.0.4 is and the fact that it was the default shipping code release on the platform for a long time I don't know how quickly folks will be updating to 8.0.5 now. I guess I will have to test it in the lab to determine if there are issues with running it.
- Ed

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