Friday, January 01, 2010

Pacific IT Professionals - User Group Craziness

It is official, I have been the sponsor coordinator (the person who make arrangements for vendors to pay and present at our monthly IT Pro user group meetings) for 6 years now. Somehow I have managed to get a lot of companies to come present and sponsor our group over the years and I want to thank them for being so generous and also seeing the value in coming to talk to a user group.

I've been involved with PacITPros (formerly SFNTUG) for well over 10 years now and have meet and had the pleasure of knowing a ton of people due to my time in the group. I also helped run and do the same roll over at TVNUG before we ran out of steam and I am involved with the East Bay Cisco User Group and the Silicon Valley Cisco User Group which I highly recommend for those that are involved with networking at all.

So, with any luck I will still be doing this in another 6 years and PacITPros will still be going strong. I've been fortunate to watch in grow from 20-30 folks meeting at a law office in the Embarcadero Center to well over 70 people per meeting per month with several thousand on the mailing list. A quick thank you to Doug Spindler (President) for trusting me to get sponsors, Jennelle Crothers for dealing with the pizza, raffle items and general organization of the group, Blaine Busse for dealing with troublesome folks who might show up from time to time, Robert Riebs for giving time and sweat to help keep Doug organized and to lots of others in the group who make the whole user group experience worth the time and effort.
- Ed

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