Friday, January 15, 2010

Microsoft MVP 2010 Summit in one month!

I'm really excited to be heading up to Redmond from Feb 15th to Feb 19th to participate in the Microsoft MVP 2010 Summit. I was first awarded in June of 2004 as a Windows Server - Networking MVP and was in that awardee category until it was eliminated in 2008. I was moved to the Enterprise Security category and continue to focus on networking and was re-awarded in that category in June of 2009.

I don't know if I ever expected to be a 6 year running Microsoft MVP awardee but it has been a wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to seeing a bunch of my fellow MVP's up in Redmond to hear about all the interesting things Microsoft is doing and to exchange ideas and information. I've managed to make it up every year I've been awarded so while not a veteran (compared to some MVP's out there) I am certainly no stranger to the whole extravaganza.

I owe a few shout outs to some Microsoft folks: Emily Freet, Connie Rennie, Jake Grey, Chris Avis, Stephen Rose, Joey Snow, Beth Massi, Chris Avis, Mike Wolfe, Joe Davies, Chris Henley, Sean Siler, Abolade Gbadegesin, Eddie Malik, Kevin Engman, Loretta Duncan-Brantley, Devrim Iyigun, Jeff Sigman, and many more (I hate knowing I forgot someone!)

And to non-Microsoft or former Microsoft, or Microsoft MVP folks: Kathy Jacobs, Steve Riley (ex-Microsoft, now Amazon cloud stud),Bill Pytlovany, Betsy Weber(the most awesome third party MVP supporter - love Techsmith!), Jennelle Crothers and of course PacITPros (and again, forgetting someone, I will correct the list as they come to me!)
- Ed

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