Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Network Field Day 35

Network Field Day 35 (#NFD35) is happening July 10-11, 2024 and I am fortunate enough to be a delegate for the event. You can check out the full event schedule at the NFD35 website. The sponsors list has been growing so checking the site is the best until the event starts. I recommend watching live if you can and I believe LinkedIn is likely the best place to catch stuff.

So far the sponsor line up is:

I will be attending in person, and I will be doing my best to take notes and ask interesting questions. Obviously, there is no way we can cover all the questions that those who are watching remote might have, but hit us up on X/Twitter using #NFD35 or via the Tech Field Day slack channel or even via LinkedIn and we will all do our best to try and bring up the point.

So, there you go, let's get ready to have some serious fun with NFD35 as the delegate line up is pretty impressive! If you are at all into networking then I encourage you to follow along live for the events on the Tech Field Day website or via LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a delegate, you can check out the website, they have all the details up there.

- Ed

In a spirit of fairness (and also because it is legally required by the FTC), I am posting this Disclosure Statement. It is intended to alert readers to funding or gifts that might influence my writing. My participation in Tech Field Day events was voluntary and I was invited to participate. Tech Field Day is hosted by Gestalt IT (part of The Futurum Group) and my hotel, transportation, food and beverage was/is paid for by Gestalt IT for the duration of the event. In addition, small swag gifts or donations were/are provided by some of the sponsors of the event to delegates (I don't accept gifts but I do ask the sponsors to donate to causes that support Mental Health). It should be noted that there was/is no requirement to produce content about the sponsors and any content produced does not require review or editing by Gestalt IT or the sponsors of the event. So all the spelling mistakes, technical missteps, incorrect opinions, and grammar errors are my own.