Friday, October 17, 2008

Cisco UC changes - Web 2.0, Apple iPhone

Cisco just finished up their UC Partner VT in San Jose and Web 2.0 services are a huge part of what they are up to with the UC product family. It also seems that Cisco is turning into an everything but Microsoft sort of play. All the product families are on Linux, heavy development on Apple integration and support within the whole Cisco product families plus moving to more "open" standards in regards to directory structures. Its been in the works for awhile but it pretty much officially here now. Cisco is head to head with Microsoft in the UC space and wants to build a large ecosystem around their product families without any MS products in the picture. Never mind the partner part of the "partner / compete" motto.
It also seems with the Web 2.0 push that development on the iPhone as the mobile platform of choice is Cisco's game plan. With the release of the Cisco VPN client on the iPhone plus the fact Apple licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft it really does seem that you will see Cisco use it as the mobile interface to their product family. They are having Cisco employees switching over from the Nokia dual mode handsets to the 3G iPhone... that should tell you something. I wonder what will happen to Blackberry in all this. I might have to move to the iPhone just to start showing off some of the new offering that Cisco will have in the UC space.
- Ed

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