Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DRJ Fall World Conference in San Diego

I am attending the Disaster Recovery Journal semi-annual conference in San Diego this week. It is definitely a different sort of conference then what I am typically used to attending from the tech side of the fence. There seems to be a high number of folks who are much more concerned about business process but know very little about how IT functions and works and even fewer who really grasp how technology is being utilized in IT shops today.
Granted, there are a lot of folks USING technology in their planning and such but the granular understanding of what is happening under the hood seems to be a bit light. Perhaps my opinion will change over the week but that is my initial impression so far.
That being said, these folks know and worry about way more things then ever typically make it onto the books for IT folks. I think IT shops could learn a lot more about what drives a businesses needs for this sort of planning and then incorporate that into their design architectures. Also, they could do better in outreach and educations as there seems to be a lot of frustration on the part of folks building these plan of not understanding what IT Pros are saying or referencing.
More later.
- Ed

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