Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cisco UC 7 update

OK, it is very clear now that the UC plan for Cisco is to move all services to Web 2.0 and give customers the choice of either running the solution in house, in the cloud or a combo.
That being said, I don't think it is all baked out yet (they have purchased Jabber but where that is going to fit in with WebEx ? MeetingPlace I am unclear) but I did get the message loud and clear on one thing... the Apple iPhone will be THE platform of future development. I think the iPhone and Windows Mobile will get a lot of attention. I am not very clear how much attention BlackBerry will get, which is odd given its install base. I don't know if Cisco thinks there isn't enough Web 2.0 support on the RIM side or what but I sure didn't get the impression that they were going to make the next "wow" application on the RIM handhelds.
As soon as I hear a clearer roadmap I will post it up. Heck, if anyone knows for sure and has links to back it up please tell me! - Ed

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Anonymous said...

Even now with at least CUCM 5.x I can VPN in with my iPhone and do basic administration with ease. So glad that the java client is done away with.