Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cisco ASDM update - v61551

Cisco has posted an ASDM update 6.1(5)51 that is compatible with Java 1.6.0_10 (6u10). This takes care of the problem of running the newest Java but having to keep old versions around to support the older ASDM releases that required 6u7.
- Ed


Anonymous said...

Hello. I confirm that after update Java Runtime to 1.6.0_10 , my ASDM v5.2(3) not working. I go back to older version of Java runtime.

Anonymous said...

ASDM 6.1(5) not if it was 51... where do I find that? the version I just downloaded and installed 6.1(5) didn't work with java 1.6.0_10 (6u10).

Howfunky said...

ASDM is available from the download site but under the interim release section at the top of the page. The URL is: but you need a legit CCO login to download it.

If you have installed Java 6u10 you can not use the older asdm versions which is the whole problem. So they issued this asdm release to fix that. Load this asdm release on the ASA and change your asdm image path to the new version and you should be ok. I recommend running newer 8.0.4 stuff for the most part unless you know there is a specific bug that is in that release that will give you problems. - Ed

me said...

Do you know if there is an update that works with JRE6u13?
In any case I've posted instructions on my blog which doesn't require a downgrade and should always workaround this issue in the future:

Ed Horley said...

ASDM v61551 works fine with Java 6u13, there is a newer version of the ASDM out now, v61557. Also, Cisco is recommending that everyone go to ASA as that is a PSIRT built to fix some security issues. The PSIRT code is at:
A CCO login is required to get to the page.
- Ed