Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year - resolutions?

Well, it is 2006. Hard to believe. Doug Spindler and I will be hard at work to make some Vista and IPv6 labs available sooner rather then later. We also are trying to get some exciting stuff going with Pacific IT Professionals and SFNTUG. With any luck we will have a very exciting year ahead.
I also think I need to get some certifications nailed down this year. I let my CCNP laps and I think I need to either get my CCIE written passed soon or figure out what Cisco cert I feel like getting.
This year, I am going to focus on some new subjects:
Virtual Machines

But I think I still need to keep up on:

I think that is plenty to try and keep current about.

Best wishes to everyone and good luck on your personal tech education goals. I know first hand how tough it is to keep up on everything.
- Ed

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Howfunky said...

Only if your CCNP cert is active still will it renew your CCNP. If I pass the CCIE Written now that is all I get, a shot at the CCIE Lab. I still have to take all the CCNP exams again to recert for the CCNP. Might be better to just do the CCSP track instead, just for some varity. ;-)
- Ed