Wednesday, January 11, 2006

EnableMode Expert Site

I just ordered up the CCIE RS Written Study Guide from the EnableMode Expert site. Brad Ellis (CCIE #5796) is the technical writer for the material and I am excited to get the material to start studying. For over 500 pages of study material paying $100 is a good deal. Plus, it is current to the new 2006 written exam blueprints.
Brad also teaches over at Network Learning and they offer a bootcamp for the written exam. That looks interesting and might be worth the time after I make a few passes through his monster study guide.
- Ed


Anonymous said...

do you like the 2006 CCIE RS Written Study Guide? is it helpful?

Howfunky said...

I have been happy with it so far. Their are errors and mistakes like all materials of this type. Clearly the study guide covers the majority of what you will see on the exam. I think it is a little short on some of the IP routing (but that is easy to supliment) and it has long chapters on wireless and Q0S which seem pretty comprehensive.
The material is a little out of date for IPv6 but then again, I think the exam is out of date in the same way so there is nothing wrong with that material.
For all the areas I need help with the guide does a good job.
- Ed