Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cisco Certification Forums Site is a forums discussion site for Cisco Certifications. I just got a profile for the site so I have no idea how good/bad/ugly it is. I typically read through newsgroups to keep up on stuff and answer a few questions here and there. Since there are so few sites that are really dedicated to Network folks it is worth mentioning them all.
- Ed


Anonymous said...

hey there....what do think of enablemodes ccie study guide? i just recertified my ccnp today and figured i might as well put some time in and go for the ie ...

let me know


Howfunky said...

The guide isn't bad. It is assuming you are along far enough to read it and get value. It doesn't waste time with the basics at all. I needs some suppliment materials here and there but nothing you might not already have on the self while getting your CCNP. The biggest help for me is the wireless and QoS sections which I am weakest on out of the material. Most importantly it keeps me on track of the material and I am using it for my study group to keep us in step with each other.
- Ed