Thursday, September 22, 2005

Microsoft Realigns

"Microsoft Realigns for Next Wave of Innovation and Growth: CEO Ballmer appoints presidents of three core divisions; Allchin announces retirement plan" is the press release from Microsoft's site. I've been mulling this one over since the announcement. I honestly don't see an issue with Microsoft doing this and I don't think Google is the only reason for the motivation to do this either.
I have never understood why Microsoft had 7 divisions to begin with and the new organization will certainly make giving feedback to Microsoft easier and potentially more valuable since it has the potential to touch a lot more folks downstream.
In case you don't remember what the original 7 were, here you go:
Windows Client
Server & Tools
Information Worker
Microsoft Business Solutions
Mobile & Embedded Devices
Home Entertainment

The new three are:
Microsoft Platform Products & Services Division (Windows Client, Server & Tools, and MSN)
Microsoft Business Division (Information Worker and Microsoft Business Solutions)
Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division (Home Entertainment and Mobile & Embedded Devices)

What I am excited about is the potential to get the Groove product integrated in the majority of the product suites. I think that one product could completely change the way people use and extend their work environments. The fact that Ray Ozzie is expanding his roll as CTO and primarily helping to push the software based service across all three divisions will make for some interesting changes ahead.
- Ed

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