Friday, September 23, 2005

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: Microsoft shakeup prelude to breakup?

John Dvorak is at it again. I don't know if I agree with John's opinion on this one. If Microsoft were really thinking about splitting into three companies why did it not happen 5 years ago when the US Justice Office was REALLY hounding them. Right now they are in relatively cool water regarding anti-trust action and there is no external pressure to break the company appart. Shareholders aren't asking for it, to the best of my knowledge senior management isn't talking about it and I don't think it would change any of the moral issues going on within the company.
In addition to all that, it would be a huge change for all the reseller and support models that Microsoft has spend years investing in. I really don't know if they are willing to rock the boat with that channel of sales.
- Ed

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