Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update on Google IPv6 geo location issues

Turns out Google seems to turn around fixing the geo location issue pretty quickly. I tested again and it appears they have fixed it. And on an unrelated note, apparently attempting to log into your gmail via IPv6 can set off security alerts too. I got (filtered a bit of the message, so no quotes):

Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account - <filtered>

We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker trying to access your account. Please review the details of the sign-in attempt:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 2:09:31 PM UTC
IP Address: 2001:470:<filtered>:<filtered>:<filtered>:<filtered>:2b4d:163a
Location: United States

If you do not recognize this sign-in attempt, someone else might be trying to access your account. You should sign in to your account and reset your password immediately

If you need to submit a request to fix your IP geo location info with Google use this link:

- Ed

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