Friday, July 20, 2012

Understanding IPv6, Third Edition is now available!

Microsoft Press has released the new book Understanding IPv6, Third Edition by my friend Joseph Davies. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Joe to be the technical editor of the book and I am very excited about it now being available. Joe has done a great job covering some pretty difficult topics around IPv6 and if you are an IT Pro and doing Microsoft infrastructure architecture, design and deployment you really need to get this book. Why?

First, it has been updated for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and some of the specific IPv6 behavior those two OS's will have verse previous versions of Windows. Second, it has updated recommendations on best practices for deployment in DirectAccess environments and also updated references to RFC's. The last point isn't trivial as the RFC landscape around IPv6 is actually changing and has been moving around a lot within the last 3 years or so.

Finally, you will need a good technical reference around the IPv6 protocol and how it is implemented in Windows and this is the ONLY book that provides that. It was written by someone who has intimate access to the Windows COSD team (they write the network stack for Windows) and I think Joe does a wonderful job making a rather difficult subject matter something that can be understood quickly. Best of all, you don't have to read it end to end, it was designed to be read in chapters as they are relevant to you and what you are trying to do.

It is available from Amazon and at the O'Reilly / Microsoft Press site. The first chapter is available as a sample download too.

The book chapters are:
Chapter 1: Introduction to IPv6
Chapter 2: IPv6 Protocol for Windows
Chapter 3: IPv6 Addressing
Chapter 4: The IPv6 Header
Chapter 5: ICMPv6
Chapter 6: Neighbor Discovery
Chapter 7: Multicast Listener Discovery and MLD Version 2
Chapter 8: Address Autoconfiguration
Chapter 9: IPv6 and Name Resolution
Chapter 10: IPv6 Routing
Chapter 11: IPv6 Transition Technologies
Chapter 12: ISATAP
Chapter 13: 6to4
Chapter 14: Teredo
Chapter 15: IP-HTTPS
Chapter 16: NAT64/DNS64
Chapter 17: IPv6 Security Considerations
Chapter 18: DirectAccess
Chapter 19: Deploying IPv6 on an Intranet
Chapter 20: IPv6 on the Microsoft Corporate Network
Appendix IPv6 RFC Index
Appendix Testing for Understanding Answers
Appendix Setting Up an IPv6 Test Lab
Appendix IPv6 Reference Tables
Appendix Link-Layer Support for IPv6
Appendix Windows Sockets Changes for IPv6
Appendix Mobile IPv6
Appendix Teredo Protocol Processes

So there you have it, my shameless book plug. Honestly, I really do believe you will get great value from Joe's book if you have to do any work around IPv6 and Windows at all. Given everything that is happening on the Internet that should be a LOT of people!
- Ed

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