Friday, July 06, 2012

Follow up from Microsoft TechEd Europe

There were some additional questions I got at Microsoft TechEd Europe plus some great feedback I wanted to share about my presentation.

First off, thanks to everyone who attended my session in Amsterdam, it was a thrill to present to around 500 delegates and I appreciate all the survey feedback too (and the positive survey ratings!)

For everyone asking about how to get started and reference materials, in my previous post from my Microsoft TechEd North America presentation I have references for books, websites to get IPv6 tunnel broker services and even client host agents to get IPv6 up and working on your Windows 7 machine. To avoid duplication please just pop open that blog post to get that info.

One of the requests I got was for a white paper on how to get started on planning and deployment, something that could specifically be used with management. I don't have a specific white paper to provide however there are some excellent resources out on the web that might provide enough information to help in this area.

Specifically, you can look through both ARIN and RIPE's excellent websites for materials that might match your need requirements. In addition, ARIN maintains a great WIKI on IPv6 at which is well worth some time to review. There are commercial companies that can provide specific planning and deployment recommendations but those services are obviously not free.

If you are interested in seeing my session but you missed it in person my TechEd North American session is posted (audio and slides only.) I don't know if they will be posting the one from TechEd Europe or not.

- Ed

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