Monday, October 04, 2010

IPv6 events for Oct and Nov 2010

There are several IPv6 events happening in October and November that are worth noting. Here is the short list of events I have on my list to attend.

The first event is the TXv6TF IPv6 Summit, Oct 11-12 in Richardson, Texas. The event is hosted at the Richardson Cisco office and has a great line up of presenters including Scott Hogg, Martin Levy, Richard Jimmerson and Stan Barber plus many more.

The next event is Owen DeLong with Hurricane Electric presenting at the East Bay Cisco's User Group on Oct 14th in Pleasanton, CA. Owen will be giving an update on the situation with IPv6 working groups, how the transition to IPv6 is going and a general state of IPv6 from a service provider view.

Then on Nov 3-4 the California IPv6 Task Force and gogoNET present the gogoNET LIVE! IPv6 conference at San Jose State University. The conference will have a pre-conference workshop day on Nov 2nd and will be the flagship IPv6 event in California. Keynotes will be given by:
Vint Cerf - Honorary Chair IPv6 Forum
John Curran - President and CEO, ARIN
Bob Hinden - Chief Internet Technologist, Nokia
Elise Gerich - Vice President, IANA

The end of the year has a lot of IPv6 events for folks to attend. I encourage everyone to participate in these great local IPv6 events to help get a better understanding of IPv6. You can either go kicking and screaming or walk through the door with confidence and knowledge regarding IPv6. IPv6 is happening, now, take the time to learn it so you know what is happening.
- Ed

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