Friday, October 29, 2010

gogoNET Live! IPv6 Conference - Nov 3-4

If you are in California and interested in IPv6 then you should already be signed up for the gogoNET LIVE! event being hosted at San Jose State University happening Nov 3-4th. The line up of keynotes is impressive:

Vint Cert - Honorary Chair, IPv6 Forum; Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
John Curran - President and CEO, ARIN
Elise Gerich - Vice President, IANA
Bob Hinden - Chief Internet Technologist, Nokia
Dave Ward - CTO, Infrastructure Product Group, Juniper
Latif Ladid - President, IPv6 Forum, Conference Co-Chair
Bruce Sinclair - CEO, gogo6, Conference Co-Chair

There are a ton of great speakers too. Check out who is presenting at the speakers page. Shameless plug because I will presenting on what is happening with the California IPv6 Task Force. I personally always enjoy seeing Martin Levy with Hurricane Electric present along with Tony Hain with Cisco and Stephan Lagerholm with Secure64 Software. I am excited to hear from Silva Hagen with Sunny Connection AG and Donn Lee with Facebook too.

The event is being presented by the IPv6 Forum, the California IPv6 Task Force and gogo6.

If you aren't paying attention to IPv6 here is a little bit of youtube video amusement from Cisco to get you moving.
- Ed

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