Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cisco Live!

I can't attend Cisco Live! this week but you can see some of the keynotes and other interesting items on the website. Looks like Cisco is announcing a bunch of stuff this year which is good news. The only thing I wish I was attending for was to get involved and be able to ask the tough questions about road map and support for IPv6. A lot of that was done at the Google IPv6 Implementors Event a few weeks ago but upper Cisco management and in particular - the product groups, were NOT at that event. Hard to see how important something is if key folks aren't paying attention.

I hope Cisco starts to push internally feature parity for IPv6 - there is a huge gap in "supporting" IPv6 and in having feature parity to their existing product portfolio. It will come over time but I think a bigger push needs to happen... and soon.
- Ed

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