Monday, November 14, 2005

Juniper Networks to Acquire Funk Software

Juniper Networks to Acquire Funk Software is an interesting move. Funk Software makes one of the best third party 802.1x supplicants on the market so this move effects Cisco more then folks might think. Also, Steel Belted Radius is a great product that is used by a ton of service providers and I know several SE's who recommend it to service provider clients. I imagine that will change now.
All Juniper needs to do is buy Foundry, a storage switch vendor (Sanrad?) and a good wireless company and they could be playing in a lot more Enterprise space. It is going to get very interesting in the next few years in the network vendor space. I guess you could argue that if Juniper picked up a VoIP offering for the edge, not just session border controllers but handsets also, it would look a lot like Cisco.
- Ed

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