Thursday, November 10, 2005

Experts at odds over relevance of IPv6

Slashdot pointed over to an interesting article on IPv6. It is here at Computerworld and basically is a classic old world arguement about IPv4 vs IPv6.
I differ from the comments made by one of the article's experts, Geoff Huston, who claims that the driving force for IPv6 has to come from the service providers. I actually think that IPv6 as a rollout will happen at the edge and that the majority of the core of the Internet will stay on IPv4. This pretty much eliminates the arguements he has for why IPv6 won't come into the market.
With every major OS now supporting IPv6 and will all the transition technologies relatively baked now I think folks who want to take advantage of what IPv6 can do now have the tools and means to do it. This is a huge win for application developers (though I don't think they know it yet!) and an interesting issue for IT Professional who have to manage these new networks.
I think the only thing really holding back deployment at this point is the lack of knowledge for IT Professionals in how IPv6 works, when to implement it and how to roll it out.
But that is just my 2 cents.
- Ed

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