Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lasso Logic

Lasso Logic presented at the TVNUG meeting this evening. They have a very interesting appliance and service built around continuous data protection (CDP) and it is targeted at small and medium sized businesses. They seem to have addressed a lot of issues that small business owners have in trying to figure out how to backup and recover lost data. They store files on a local appliance for fast recovery but also push the data out to an online service (similar to all the "vault" services out there). That way, in case of total disaster you still have access to data stores. The product uses an agent to do continuous backups to the appliance so they encourage businesses to run the agent on all machines, not just servers.
For businesses that are to small to be able to afford VTL and SAN/NAS with snapshotting features this might be a serious consideration.
- Ed

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