Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Presenting on IPv6 at InterOp in Las Vegas - April 3, 2014

I was delighted when my colleague Ethan Banks (of PacketPushers fame) asked me to present on IPv6 at InterOp. The presentation audience is a slightly different for me so I have had to change some of my content and get a bit more creative, all good things. The title for my session is:
Getting Serious about IPv6: Go Big or Go Home


It is really focused at Enterprise Network Managers, Directors of IT and CTO types rather then the typical networking nerd that might attend an IPv6 session. I felt it was important to start explaining IPv6 to these professionals so they really understand what is happening in the industry. For the session the key takeaways are:
    Why you need to move to IPv6 for your Enterprise
    The impact to your business of staying on IPv4 only
    What to do next to get started with IPv6 in your Enterprise 

My session is on Thursday, April 3rd at 4pm and the show is in Las Vegas. I encourage you to register for the event not just because I am presenting (though that should be good enough on its own!) but also because of the impressive list of other speakers.

I believe InterOp makes the contents available after the event so I will update the blog when that happens. I hope to see you at my session!
- Ed

Update: apparently InterOp has a really good discount going on right now until March 17th for the show. If you use the discount code 40PERCENT you will get, surprise, 40% off the total access pass. 

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