Friday, June 08, 2012

Microsoft TechEd North America - IPv6 Bootcamp

I will be heading out to Orlando on Sunday to present my IPv6 Bootcamp session at Microsoft TechEd. I'm pretty excited as this will be my first time presenting at TechEd and a chance for me to address a different audience then I typically present too. I've done plenty of IPv6 specific conferences and they are a different focus. People attending those are attending specifically because they want to learn IPv6. TechEd is different, folks are attending it because it is the biggest Microsoft event where you can hear directly from Microsoft about their products and technologies.

So this is a rare opportunity for me to broaden my reach to those who might not be as familiar with IPv6 and why it is important. I hope if you are attending Microsoft TechEd that you will swing by Tuesday morning (my session starts at 10:15am - WCL324) and come learn some IPv6, ask questions and hopefully expand your horizons about why IPv6 is going to be a critical topic to know now and in the near future.
- Ed

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