Wednesday, November 09, 2011

gogoNETLive! 2 IPv6 Conference wrap up

If you missed the gogoNETLive! 2 IPv6 Conference that happened at San Jose State University last week you can still get a chance to see the content from the conference. Almost all the sessions were recorded and the video and pdf's of the slides will be posted soon. I encourage you to check out last years content also, the majority of that is still applicable and a valuable baseline for understanding what is happening in IPv6.

The next big IPv6 events happening will be the IPv6 World Congress in Paris, France and then the re branded Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit which is now being called the 2012 North American IPv6 Summit. The North American IPv6 Summit is by far the largest IPv6 event in the US and is expected to have over 500 folks attending and will likely sell out. If you have any interest at all in getting good practical IPv6 knowledge from real world experts both these events would be worth your time and effort.
- Ed

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