Friday, April 22, 2011

Presenting at the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit - Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network

Next week I will be presenting at the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit in Denver, CO. I'm excited about this for two reasons. First, I will be talking about IPv6 which for folks who know me is something I can't seem to not bring up in technical discussions. Second, I will get to see my daughter Briana while I am in town as she is attending CU Boulder.

If you are attending the event I hope to see you in the enterprise track. I will be presenting Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network. After my presentation will be William Dixon with Microsoft doing a live demo of Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 DirectAccess. Earlier in the day will be Shannon McFarland with Cisco presenting Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Overview, that should be really good. I must admit I am disappointed that Scott Hogg will not be presenting on IPv6 Security. Scott has a huge depth of knowledge and is the chair of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force. Maybe I can twist his arm to do side session during the lunch break one of the days.

I will post up my presentation after the event, it will also be up on the RMv6TF website to download too.
- Ed

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