Friday, February 18, 2011

IPv6 meet up at Microsoft 2011 MVP Summit

For those Microsoft MVP's attending the 2011 Summit who are interested in IPv6 I have scheduled a meet up. It is planned for Monday, Feb 28th from 12-2 in building 37 on the Redmond campus. I know many of you already have sessions scheduled for your specific MVP tracks but if you are interested in IPv6 please consider joining us.

The goal is the give MVP's and Microsoft blue badges a chance to chat about what is happening with IPv6, the road map Microsoft has planned for products and resources, challenges and opportunities IPv6 is presenting in the market place and events that are happening throughout 2011. A preliminary list of topics include:

Quick introductions - interest and involvement in IPv6, etc.

Current state of IPv6
    Service Provider
    Gov / Ed

How are Enterprise professional learning about IPv6?
    Search (Bing/Google/Yahoo!)
    Task Force
      Upcoming important IPv6 conferences and events, and/or meetings? - wdix
      World IPv6 Day plans? What can MVPs do? - wdix
      Is there going to be an IPv6-specific MVP? Should there be one? - wdix
      How is Microsoft in general or the Microsoft partner program support IPv6 training for partners?
      Will there be an IPv6 training solution, or infrastructure solutions for partners? - wdix

Do consumers have to learn about IPv6?
   The sad state of consumer/soho ipv6 router support and the coming pain - barb

Points of interest around Microsoft:
    Matrix of products supporting IPv6 - roadmap of support would be nice too - mark
    What are Microsoft Windows product status in NIST IPV6 testing/certification? - wdix
    How is MS set up internally - who do I contact within MS about IPv6?
    Deployment guides - current and those in the works
    Labs - Tom and Joe
    Design and recommendations for migration to IPv6
    Specific transition technology options being supported by Microsoft
    What will be Microsoft's preferred recommendations around IPv6 be (if any)

If you are interested in participating (You have to be a current MVP or Microsoft Blue Badge) please comment below and I will add you to the list. We have limited space available for the room and we are almost full so please make sure you are willing to actually attend to participate. You will likely miss one of your sessions so check your schedule to see if it is one you are willing to forgo.

It is unlikely that most of the topic material will even get discussed given it is only 2 hours but having a large list of topics allows for people to break up and address specific topics offline after the meeting. If you have other suggestions of topic items to add to my list please comment and I will add them in.
- Ed

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