Friday, January 21, 2011 - finally IPv6 enabled

I have been busy working on getting the California IPv6 Task Force website updated with the help of Jared Curtis and the new site has been launched, it is running on WordPress and should allow us some nice flexibility in pushing content out.

That got me thinking about my own blog. I've been talking and posting about IPv6 so much I forgot to do a simple thing - get my own blog up and running on IPv6. Well, as of Jan 20th, 2011 it is now IPv6 enabled.

As a sidebar, if you are using blogger to host your blog (as I am) and you want to enable your site for IPv6 then you should read this post. It goes over how to modify your DNS to enable IPv6 AAAA records for people to reach your blog site.

So there, it is official - the site is IPv6 ready!
- Ed

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