Monday, May 17, 2010

Cisco ASA flag descriptions

I'm always trying to remember the flag codes for the ASA connection command. Turns out it is in the help for the "show connection all" command, you just have to add the keyword "detail" so that you can see it. So, the command is:
show connection all detail

or for those that like shorter commands:
sh conn all d

The output for the flags (a bit better organized then what is displayed in the help) is:
A - awaiting inside ACK to SYN
a - awaiting outside ACK to SYN
B - initial SYN from outside
b - TCP state-bypass or nailed
C - CTIQBE media
d - dump
E - outside back connection
F - outside FIN
f - inside FIN
G - group
g - MGCP
H - H.323
h - H.225.0
I - inbound data
i - incomplete
j - GTP data
K - GTP t3-response
k - Skinny media
M - SMTP data
m - SIP media
n - GUP
O - outbound data
P - inside back connection
p - Phone-proxy TFTP connection
q - SQL*Net data
R - outside acknowledged FIN
r - inside acknowledged FIN
S - awaiting inside SYN
s - awaiting outside SYN
t - SIP transient
U - up
V - VPN orphan
X - inspected by service module

I am not sure why there are two "R" values - I am assuming sunrpc is listing UDP only and an outside acknowledged FIN would only be for a TCP session so there isn't a conflict in having the same flag value in use. Anyway, got tired of looking for this all the time when debugging problems so I am posting it here so I can find it for myself later.
- Ed

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